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I loved the bike rides with everybody, playing badminton, roasting marshmallows, staying up late at night watching movies, we talked and played charades, went outside a lot. Talked about favorite things and got to know other people better –  (teenager)


What I liked most about glamping was the comfort experience, the full serviced lot, playing games, taking bike rides, the food was delicious and a lot, swimming in the lake, visiting the concession stand. I would go again in 2022. – (teenager)


Getting to relax, the food and bike riding are my favorite things about camping. – (young adult)


I received my beautiful gift and was trying to figure out how I should water the flower in the balloon but realized that it is a silk flower. It is so beautiful and real looking. Here is my puzzle, how did the flower get inside the balloon? The wonderful goodies in the basket were scrumptious as well. 

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