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PriceFrom C$65.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Introducing the Nutty Silver gift basket, a true crowd-pleaser. Packed with a carefully curated selection of gourmet nuts, sweets, and salty snacks, this gift box is sure to satisfy any craving. The sleek silver packaging makes it an eye-catching addition to any gift display. Ideal for showing your appreciation to clients, customers, or loved ones. Trust us when we say, you won't be disappointed with this one.


    • Sesame Crackers
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies
    • Caramel Popcorn
    • Roasted Almonds
    • Brownies
    • Chocolate Caramel Bites
    • Chocolate Truffles

    Nutty Silver will arrive enclosed in holiday wrapping, adorned with a large elegant bow, and a complimentary greeting card.

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