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Need a personalized gift but have no time to shop? Contact TimeFree to provide the perfect gift basket or or stuffed balloon that is unique and sure to please the recipient

Networking Event

From intimate to large scale gatherings, we create precious moments to make your in-person or virtual event memorable.

Ski Resort

If you’re looking for a holiday experience that blends vibrant cities, immersed experience and incredible landscapes, Alberta might just be your perfect destination.

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TimeFree Events, Productions & Gifts

Calgary, Alberta,


587 288 2337 

My Story

I always had the vision of going into business for myself but didn’t follow through for a long time. I spent years changing jobs yearly because I got bored, before found a company I really liked and stayed for close to 10 years. I thought that was my retirement job, then bam! I got 9-year itch to move. Thankfully, that changed in May 2020.  Some friends asked me to put together a gift basket and plan an event which resulted in TimeFree Gifts & Events. I FINALLY found my passion and calling. Though I had done planned various events and organized corporate gift items throughout my career, it never occurred to me that I could do this as a business. I will be forever thankful to my gals who pointed me in the right direction (you know who you are).

When I am not planning an event or vacation or creating personalized gift baskets, you can find me at my favorite spa or reading books with topics ranging from astrophysics, psychology, religion, romance to science fiction or spending time outdoors. In addition, I love giving back to my community by volunteering with religious and professional organizations, where the emphasis is on growth.


TimeFree Gifts & Events, is a one-stop shop for stress-free event planning/execution, experiential vacations and creation of customized quality gift baskets and gift boxes to a diverse clientele – individuals, corporations, churches, and associations. The team of creators specialize in putting a smile on a recipient’s face by personalizing each gift with the added touch of a handwritten card. Our gift baskets are filled with treats and practical goodies that is sure to delight everyone.

We are always ready to help and answer any question you may have. Feel free to contact us:


          @timefreeevents_gifts;                TimeFree Gifts and Events;           587-288-2337


Visit us often to take advantage of our specials and promos.

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